An integrated and standardised EU-wide infrastructure for metabolomics

Starting community

The MetaStar Consortium is built on a shared vision that metabolomics is key to unlocking a deeper understanding of human health and disease, ultimately enabling the translation of research findings into clinical impact.

The main goal of MetaStar is to set up an integrated and standardized infrastructure for metabolomics across leading institutions to accelerate the uptake of this enabling technology by researchers throughout Europe. MetaStar will establish harmonized approaches to molecular phenotyping and facilitate “transnational access” to six of the most recognized European metabolomics facilities. These efforts will foster a collaborative community in which users can study and correctly interpret metabolism in a wide variety of areas, with a focus on ‘health and disease’ research. MetaStar partners will combine their complementary knowledge to upscale their analytical capacities allowing large scale studies and enabling validation and translation of research findings into clinical impact.

Highlights of MetaStar

  • Integration: opening up the 6 most recognized MS and NMR metabolomics facilities in Europe, granting 2027 days of access (>100 projects, >150 users) to European researchers;
  • Community building: strengthening and establishing relationships with a range of stakeholders in all corners of Europe, including industry, both within and outside the consortium;
  • Training: providing European researchers with the necessary tools to allow them to implement metabolomics in their studies and interpret the data correctly;
  • Standardization: first large-scale effort to make data comparable between facilities and projects, and to prepare upscaling to >1 million samples/year;
  • Innovation: synergizing in novel technologies for metabolomics and driving research with clinical impact in health, healthy ageing and diseases;
  • Sustainable: building a self-sustainable infrastructure with impact long beyond project end.